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A tantalizing take on the law

Legal Fox TV™ is a fun, award-winning web series highlighting the 'Lighter Side of the Law.'  The videos explain entertaining or unusual REAL legal cases in a unique and offbeat, mildly humorous way.  The fact-checked episodes include either purposefully quirky re-enactments or graphics and animations and are all hosted by endearing attorney,Legal Fox™ (a.k.a. Shannon Harvey, Esq.)  Occasionally guests appear in the episodes.


Critics have described the videos as “Legal Education with a Twist”  “A Tantalizing Take on the Law”  “Intellectually Arousing” and more.


Its mission is to Educate and to Entertain while doing so! We’re beyond honored that it has been recognized by multiple awards including “2020 Best in EduTainment”  “Best YouTube Channel” and “2019 Best Host” at Baltimore Next Media Fest (BNM) and “2019 Best EduTainment” at Miami Web Fest; as well as “2018 Best (background) Music” at the Toronto Television Feedback Festival;  “2018 Best EduTainment Host (Adult)” at Miami Web Fest, and other notable awards including ones in 2017 and 2016.  

Bali Bliss (Season 5 Legal Fox TV™ International )
CATFISHED! Scales & Tales of Justice: S4 Ep4 of Legal Fox TV™
Caffeinated Scales & Tales of Justice. - S4 Ep3 of Legal Fox TV™
International Spotlight on Farmers' Protests. - S4 Ep2 of Legal Fox TV™
Legal Mermaids - Scales of Justice  (SEASon Opener) - S4 Ep1 of Legal Fox TV™ #YoutubeLawyer
Part 2 - Straight Talk with Dr. C:  Vaccine, Ventilators, Virus resurgence, Medication Myths & More.
Straight Talk with Dr. C – Masks, Bold International Strategies, Natural Remedy Myths, and More.
Caring for the Elderly during COVID-19 pandemic. Inside a nursing home.

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